Changing Guitar Strings

  1. Unwind all strings.
  2. Remove pegs.
  3. Remove old strings.
  4. Insert strings in peg holes. Insert pegs in holes. Make sure string ball is touching bottom of peg. Reach inside guitar and push up ball as needed.
  5. Line up all winder holes pointing straight out.
  6. Insert 6th string from outside in. Place hand in center of fret board, with palm facing winders. Pull string until touching top of hand. Wind string on inside of winder making sure each wrap goes under the other. Wind tight and cut off extra string. Repeat on 5th and 4th strings.
  7. Repeat above steps on strings 1 through 3. Leave an extra inch of slack, above your hand, before beginning to wind the string.
  8. Tune guitar beginning with 1st string, working in order to the 6th string, then going back through from 1st to 6th string.

    Note: 1st string is smallest.

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